Gentlemen, welcome to my cyberspace


I am Melissa, an ebony muse. I would describe myself as a healthy mix of elegance, maturity and wit, yet very down-to-earth, no false airs and an engaging persona.

It excites and intrigues me to host refined charismatic, discerning gentlemen who know how to have a good time and add quality to their lives. My belief is that a man who made a halt on my site is searching and yearning for a special kind of feeling, awakening or to get away from the everyday mundane life.( whatever your reasons are). Therefore I avail myself as a thrill, an adventure, a passionate affair rather than a girl who provides a checklist of erotic activities.

You will find me a soft-spoken woman, warm, bubbly with a quirky grace and charm. I will completely put you at ease as soon as we meet, while we discuss your innermost fantasies, idiosyncrasies, psychology or even politics. By the way I speak excellent dutch and english.

My skin is silky smooth as I often pamper my skin with rich organic moisturisers from head to toe. I love minimal make-up with a pop of colour on my lips but can trade it for a more natural colour every now and then. My big brown lustful eyes are ever so mesmerising just as my mind, body and soul. I get giggly horny and sinful with rose champagne,am sure to get you all  excited.

I love being stylishly dressed…up or down, always beautifully accessorised. underneath is lingerie in delicate french laces,satin or silk… Are you pondering on taking some time out to relax and unwind in the  company of  delectable lady? come seduce me and be seduced.. Meet me!

All my love

Melissa xoxoxo

My Profile

Gender: Female

Orientation: Hetrosexual

Height: 170 centimeters, even taller in my seductive high heels

Color Eyes: Big Brown

Color Hair: I like upgrading my hairstyle as am very fashionable and versatile

Cup Size: C-cup

Body Type: Athletic


A couple of my pictures


Lets play! Get off the hustle and bustle. Take some time to unwind relax and be transported to some outer space where you come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Donations for my time are non-negotiable..and  should be nicely handed to me within a few minutes of our date in an unsealed envelope. Last minute cancellations are not pleasant and discounts are not welcomed as it clearly is not a grocery shop, it generates an ugly vibe. And for bookings for more than an hour a 20% deposit is required. I do not charge extras. For longer than a day. Please lets talk!


€150 for 1 hour

€300 for 2 hours

€450 for 3 hours

A fun day together




I have experienced the 9 to 5 lifestyle and soon discovered that it did not caress my personality type, being an adventurous woman and a hopeless romantic. My hope is to attract like minds. My desire in essence is to make each moment spent in my company count, the right energy! For that reason I personally do not appreciate rushed or hurried engagement, which is why I work with appointments. Lengthy foreplays are a must for me. I take my time to  tease, cuddle, feel, and so much. This gets us in sync and we can connect on so many levels while generating passion almost impossible to contain. I simply enjoy giving pleasure as well as receiving. If it is not fun I will not do it.

Do feel free to showcase your power points, mesmerize me, trigger my sensuality, my sexuality, my femininity as I have been raised to believe that the company I keep ultimately influences me. I mean I hope we are on the same wavelength regarding our little adventure, so read through thoroughly before contacting me for I will hate to start on the wrong foot.

In my boudoir are dresses, garter belts, stockings, sexy lingerie. So kindly feel free to communicate your preference via email or telephone as I can be flexible.

I could go on describing how our encounter will be but I would rather you come see me, or escape with me with a few of your favourites things, wine, chocolates,  seedless grapes ,candlelight. Sharing can be so much fun wouldn’t you agree?. Am just eager to explore and welcome you as a friend, secret mistress and a playmate.

Looking forward to meeting you.

xoxoxoxoxo Passionately Melissa


This lifestyle of mine I enjoy enormously, am independent, discreet and contrary

I would implore you to take some time out to introduce yourself in your email before a date. I also would like a phone call before our meeting. Hearing the voice adds some spice and could create some compatibility for our anticipated liaisons.

Do not hesitate to express some of your preferences,interest or fantasies. Indulge me. I welcome flirtatious emails being a sensual woman. However I do not appreciate the use of inappropriate ,or derogatory words!

let me know you. This encourages me to be at ease before we finally meet more so to know or have a feeling of how our encounter would be, timing, duration and so on.

Just like you might have a busy schedule, I do too. So I need enough notice before our date for organisational purposes.

0468 / 26 58 86